Our Quality

Nutra-Life has a long and proud tradition of quality?assurance for over 50 years. Today, the company?operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility?purpose built to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, to meet the most stringent quality?control requirements.

Our products are scientifically researched and triple tested, ensuring absolute quality in every product; ingredients are tested prior to production, and finished products are tested during production and post production.

50 Years Experience
Triple Tested Quality

We believe that the whole team throughout the?organisation must embrace a commitment to quality?to?deliver our quality values.?These values are not aimed?at just complying to minimum manufacturing standards?but at ensuring the health benefits of our products. Any?claimed benefit must be supported by a documented?evidence base.

Our company operates on the philosophy of continual?improvement, and maintains the quality and integrity?of its products and processes through regular in-house?quality programmes and extensive testing procedures.

Nutra-Life Quality Assurance?programme Includes:

  • Raw material activity?testing to verity the level?of actives in each material via highly specialised?methods such as HPLC (High Performance Liquid?Chromatography) and procedures to test against?contaminants such as heavy metals.
  • Microbiological testing?for assurance against?bacterial contamination
  • Tablet and capsule disintegration testing?to ensure?the tablets and capsules disintegrate in the body so?that actives are available for absorption.
  • Stability testing?to ensure product stability and?performance throughout the life of the product
  • In line process testing to ensure the consistence?and quality of the product throughout the?production cycle.
  • Production site testing?to ensure the plant is clean?and that conditions are optimal for manufacturing?and packing including rigorous testing of air flows?and air control
  • Raw material supplier testing?to provide an approved supplier base where each supplier used is audited for?their quality practices and consistence in providing?quality raw materials.